Advocating for Healthy Environments and Healthy People


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Course Description:
This environmental health advocacy course provides key information and resources for nurses and others who want to be more effective advocates for protecting the environment and human health. The self-paced online course is intended to help you learn about the organizations and agencies that are responsible for environmental laws, regulations, and other policies and how you can influence them. This course includes slide presentations, case studies, and video clips; Internet-based resources are provided. This course has five modules including:

What is Advocacy?
Framing Environmental Health
Who s in Charge?
Influencing Government
Influencing the Process

This course was developed by nurses who are leaders in environmental health advocacy. They are: Barbara Sattler, RN, DrPH; Brenda Azfal, RN, MS; and Pamela Ortner, RN, BSN, COHN-S.