CACFP Orientation: Serving Creditable Foods in the CACFP


This course is provided by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services - MOCACFP.

Description: This course will focus on how to ensure that you are serving Creditable Foods in your center. We will look at the various criteria for what makes a food creditable, or allowable, under the CACFP. This lesson will explore the specific criteria required for each food component – milk, meat and meat alternate, grains or breads, and fruits or vegetables. In addition, this module will provide basic information about reading food labels, criteria for family food purchase sources and what to look for when purchasing commercially processed food. Downloadable job aids are provided throughout the module.

• Understand the difference between creditable and non-creditable foods
• Discuss specific criteria key to food component creditability for milk, meat/meat alternates, grains/breads and fruits/vegetables
• Understand the documentation required when commercially prepared food items are purchased
• Understand basic food label information
• Serving creditable family style meals
• Learn about traditional and non-traditional food sources for purchase of CACFP meals