Climate Change: Mastering the Public Health Role


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APHA and CDC are pleased to continue the webinar series Climate Change: Mastering the Public Health Role. This year, we offer two webinars where public health leaders will present accomplishments, challenges and promising opportunities around climate change and public health policy and practice.

Session 1: A Look at Climate Change Policy and Practice in the Public Health Sector (February 24, 2012)

  • Georges C. Benjamin, MD
  • Christopher J. Portier, PhD

Session 2: A Look at the Health Costs of Climate Change and Co-Benefits of Climate Action (May 16, 2012)

  • Kim Knowlton, DrPH
  • Richard J. Jackson, MD, MPH

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Target Audience
This course is designed for all public health professionals.

Learning Objectives
Having completed this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Overview of the health impacts of climate change and APHA’s efforts
  2. Federal climate change policy
  3. Examples of state policy and climate mitigation
  4. State and local policy regarding adaptation planning
  5. Looking to the future
  6. United States Global Change Research Program
  7. CDC's Climate and Health Program
  8. Public Health Adaptation Strategies and Program Highlights
  9. Climate change and health
  10. Health cost estimate of climate change
  11. Climate-Health Impacts
  12. Climate-Health Preparedness Strategies
  13. Review on how Public Health can affect Climate Change
  14. Council of Linkages Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals (COL)/COL Tier(s)

Competencies XX.B (Tier 2):

  1. 2A.2 (Tier 1): Describes how policy options can influence public health programs
  2. 2C.3 (Tier 3): Critiques the feasibility and expected outcomes of various policy options (e.g., health, fiscal, administrative, legal, ethical, social, political)

Professional/Disciplinary Competencies
None listed

Online/Archived Webinar

Credit /CEU
None available

2 hrs.

Required: Flash Player, Speakers or headphones, and PDF Reader

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