Collaborative Leadership: Exploring Fundamental Concepts of Collaborative Leadership Part 1

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In this interactive webinar, participants will learn the definition of collaboration and critical competencies necessary for successful collaborative leaders. Issues including when to use collaboration and the qualities and characteristics of effective collaborative leaders will be examined. Participants will engage in conversation about the styles of leadership and when collaboration is essential and can be most effective. The webinar will also explore the overall design of the Turning Point Collaborative Leadership curriculum and supportive materials. Part 1 will focus on leadership styles and the context for collaboration. Part 2 will focus on characteristics of successful collaboration and qualities of collaborative leaders. Future webinars will focus on individual practices of collaborative leadership.
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Learning Objectives
1. Define collaboration and collaborative leadership
2. Compare and contrast collaboration to other leadership styles
3. Articulate when collaboration as an approach is most effective
4. Identify qualities of collaborative leadership
5. Assess individual competency and how to build specific collaborative leadership skills
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