Continuous Quality Improvement for Public Health - The Fundamentals

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Course Description
This on-line self-study course provides the fundamentals of continuous quality improvement (CQI). This course was developed for public health agencies and their partners, although the principles, process and tools have been used in all kinds of organizations and can be used anywhere – even at home. The QI principles, methods, and tools are simply best practices for improving the work and results of organizations.
This course consists of three modules:
Module 1: Introduction and Principles of CQI
Module 2: Problem-Solving PDSA
Module 3: CQI Project Selection and Teams
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Target Audience
The target audience for this course is anyone interested in quality improvement in public health.
Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
1. Define quality improvement
2. Identify the benefits of CQI
3. Identify key CQI concepts and principles
4. Distinguish a quality culture
5. Recognize that change is essential to improvement
6. Identify problem-solving strategies
7. Explain the CQI process
8. Identify the current and desired states
9. Recognize the basic tools of CQI and how they are applied
10. Be able to select a QI project
11. Define a CQI mission statement
12. Define CQI team composition
13. Identify team success factors
14. Recognize the team development process
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Online/ Self-study
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3 Credits
3 hours
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