HCPHP Webinar Series:Session 13 - Building Sustainable Health Care Coalitions in Rural and Small Metropolitan Missouri Communities


This is an archive of a live webinar originally aired on February 8, 2012.

Description: In recent years, the Medical Surge Capacity and Capability Framework, specifically the Tier 2 – Health Care Coalition concept has been adopted in outstate Missouri to provide guidance and structure to emergency preparedness planning and response. This webinar will summarize the strategic vision and approach implemented in Missouri to develop practical and sustainable healthcare coalitions and review the guidance developed to facilitate and strengthen local leadership and sustainability. Participants will learn specific strategies and approaches implemented by one health care coalition to develop and test specific coalition roles and responsibilities for preparedness and response.

• Leslie Porth, Vice President, Missouri Hospital Association
• Jackie Gatz, Director, Emergency Preparedness, Missouri Hospital Association
• Chris A. Smith, MHA, MEP, CEAS, Coordinator Worker Safety and Emergency Preparedness, University of Missouri Health Care - Columbia, Missouri

Course Duration (Hours): 1.25